Dream and race

The final paper should be from between 5 to 7 pages and may address any of the following: (1) Applying materials and concepts from the class, write sociological biography or personal ethnography in which the student addresses how they have been effected by the socially constructed categories of race, ethnicity, class, gender and sexuality, noting which of those categories has had the most pronounced influence and how they have interacted. (2) Choose a particular institution (family, religion, education, economics, government, military, media, art, science, sports, recreation, and leisure) and describe the inequalities associated with it, and the extent to which it is or has been influenced by the categories of race, class, ethnicity, and gender. (3) Write a paper that addresses what you see as a constructive and effective public strategy for social change that may reduce inequality, bigotry, discrimination and inequality. (4) Summarize a book on the suggested readings list while noting its relevance to key concepts and research addressed in the class. (5) Analyze one of one of the suggested movies, in terms of concepts and research addressed in the class. All papers will be evaluated in terms of the extent to which a student can effectively grasp and apply concepts and materials from the class. A paper on a books or movie cannot be on a movie or book that was used for extra credit. Papers are due at the end of the semester. Plagiarism will result an in E for the assignment, so be sure to do your own work, and make proper citations following either ASA or APA guidelines.


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