-Does the proposed technology resolve a sustainability challenge?

The final project will be an individual short report reviewing a specific technology that you either think a) needs to be developed or b) needs to be more widely applied to resolve specific sustainability issues. As part of your analysis, you need to clearly describe the concept (include figures, etc, as useful), explain why it resolves a sustainability challenge, evaluate the various impacts of its adoption on the triple bottom line (e.g., does it trade environmental impacts for social impacts in an unacceptable manner?), and examine other alternatives. The limits are 1-you can’t violate the first/second laws of thermodynamics (basically, you can’t make energy/matter out of nothing), and 2-the technology can’t rely on materials/processes that don’t exist yet (e.g., you can’t claim a 60% efficient photovoltaic cell)(unless you describe carefully how you are going to build that in an economically viable manner)(in which case I need you in my lab, not in this class…)

The brief assignment I have for you this week is to consider the topic you would like to address and explain it in about a paragraph (just that, doesn’t even need references or anything yet, but needs to be a reasonable idea).

As before, use the assignment template or a reasonable imitation and submit on Canvas as a PDF file.

The paper will be graded on:


-Did you use the paper template and did you remain within the limit of 550 words?


-Does the proposed technology resolve a sustainability challenge?


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