DIVERSITY SCHOLARSHIP: For students from diverse backgrounds or students who have had a personal experience with diversity

Communication skills such as: Foreign language skills (Catalian and Spanish), the ability to effectively participate in group discussions with people from diverse backgrounds, the ability to identify and manage different needs of people and groups, the ability to communicate despite barriers (this is important in a healthcare field and hopefully will be a point in my paper), and I will obtain highly developed cross-cultural communication skills combined with the ability to motivate others to excel (also super important in my future career path)

Interpersonal skills (people skills) such as: A global point of view, an appreciation of diversity, cultural awareness, understanding an organization’s culture and global dependence, sensitive to other cultural values, norms, customs, and communication patterns, Open to new ideas and practices, Empathetic towards other perspectives, thrive in a multicultural setting with a diverse range of personalities and learning styles, able to work effectively as part of a multicultural team, effective and knowledgeable in working in cross-cultural settings

Intrapersonal (internal) skills such as: patience, achieve goals despite obstacles, take initiative and risks, accepts responsibility, handle stress and difficult situations, learn/adapt quickly, cope with rejection, flexibility, assertive/self-confident, independence, learning through listening and observing (important to my field), capacity to adapt and be flexible in new and changing situations, extremely adaptable and resourceful in new and challenging environments, function well in multiple dissonant environments, capable of working in difficult and ambiguous settings, effective and cooperative team player who also works well independently, identify problems and utilize available resources to resolve them, positive outlook toward adversity


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