Distinctions between the terms, Third World Cinema and Third Cinema,

1. The final exam would follow the same pattern as the midterm exam.
To hone your scholarly skills, sample outstanding answers from the
midterm exam have, with the cordial permission of the writers, been

2. Looking ahead, please, make sure that you understand a question,
even the seemingly easiest of all, before choosing it. Some people
perform below their potentials or expectations not out of ignorance
but because their answers do not address the specific demands of the

3. Qualify your responses, where necessary, to demonstrate finespun
understandings of the issues. Good scholarship refrains from sweeping
generalizations and simplistic political posturing.

4. Consult all discerning critical reviews of the films seen, no
matter how brief, but pay close attention to the ‘helpful hints’,
below, and, in class, on Tuesday, December 01, especially as they are
conceived to guide you through a more effective revision process:

Distinctions between the terms, Third World Cinema and Third Cinema,
especially the aims and historical context of the latter’s emergence,
and significance as an alternative cinematic paradigm; how the themes
of childhood, motherhood, and family undergird the narrative dynamics
of ‘Ilo Ilo’ and ‘Of Love and Eggs’; how ‘The Past’ and ‘Dhobi Ghat’
challenge generic understandings of their respective national cinemas;
intersections/exchanges between of personal and national histories in
‘O Herói/The Hero’.


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