Discovering you (second draft)

Amani Alotaibi

Seminar in Leadership and Ethics

Dr. Rebecca Haskett




Why do we need to understand our self?

Self-knowledge or self-discovery is important in our life in achieving inner peace. The most important things to know about our self are the strengths and weaknesses, how we react or respond to different surroundings, what we like and what we don’t. Without knowing our self we will waste a lot of time on trial and error and end up not achieving anything. (Hereford, 16)

By understanding what we like or our passion and life experiences and how these experiences have molded us, we are able to tell what our dreams are. Where we want to be in life and what we want to be doing in this world then becomes definite. If we took life as a mirror, and want to change the reflection we see, then we should understand ourselves to know what should and what should not be changed. Otherwise we shall keep seeing the same reflection that we don’t like (Schwarz, 2015)

Section two

I have a vision of having the freedom to choose what I want to do with my life. I want to know how to help other humans grow positively and collaborate in creating whatever they would want in life. These may be in things like being able to think critically, not being harassed in the society and being able to succeed in their goals voluntarily. I will be able to achieve my utmost goal of being happy through touring and experiencing the world.

I cannot be able to understand others if I don’t understand myself. It determines the kind of person I am to others and who they will always remember me to be. By understanding people, situations, things that matters, understanding the why’s, what’s and how’s, understand what triggers certain actions, will mean I will inflict less pain to others if at all I will. I will keep my word, be accountable to others and myself by not denying my weaknesses and appreciating my strengths. I will be an honorable person.

Achieving my mission in life depends on how much I know myself. I will be able to choose careers that enable me to work and still have family and social time. I will be able to create time for my spiritual needs and bring up my family in a Godly way. The goals in my life make me certain of whom I want to be to my family and myself. I want to be the best of everything that I am a wife, a mother and a daughter. They are my priority hence I will not disappoint them.


The kind of career I choose to a large extent determines how I will be able to interact with the society and create a picture of how I see the world in general. I want the career to give me an opportunity to come through to make a great society through my contributions. I want to be able to handle life’s challenges without a struggle, without forgetting that my children depend on me for mentorship and guidance. I want to be pertinent in my husband’s life and submit to my parent’s guidance. By this I know I will be able to day by day grow my family and be able to solve my individual problems.


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