Disaster management plan

MO24 LON F10 Coursework 1 

Following the signing of the contract between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain for the replacement pipeline, Bapco has asked you to conduct an analysis of planned operation.

and other relevant websites.)

You are to provide a Team Brief (as the sole author) responding to the following tasks:

– Prepare a disaster management plan including:
o Risk identification, qualification and quantification 
o Strategies to manage various types of risk.
o Mapping the situation in terms of hazards, vulnerability and impact
o Loss estimation and resources inventory
o Communication management with all parties involved in the plan
o How the plan would be monitored.
– Clearly state any assumptions you make.

Your Team Brief should not exceed 2000 words maximum (/-10%), which does not include your references, and up to 5 pages of appendices. While composing your Team Brief, you need to research the best format to communicate with the various stakeholders.

Going over the word limit will be penalised proportionally to the number of words over the limit. 

This assignment tests achievement of the following learning outcomes:
Demonstrate critical knowledge and understanding of the aims, purposes and scope of emergency planning
Critically assess the development of emergency planning methodology over the last decade
Effectively communicate the strategy for emergency plan implementation
4. Prepare a reconstruction plan following an emergency incident


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