Director, Health Information Management Interview Assessment

Address the following questions in the interview assessment for Health Information Management Director in APA, single spaced non-plagiarized paper

What is the leader’s definition of leadership? What about their definition is of interest to you? Why?

What is the primary leadership style(s) that is demonstrated by the leader? How do you know? What behaviors are exhibited that lead you to your assumptions?
How does this leader coach? Is this a priority? Does the leader provide feedback and coaching to employees as much as he/she would like or thinks is necessary? Why or why not? What are your thoughts about this?
How does the leader try to motivate employees? Does he/she use the same motivation model or tactics for everyone? If not, describe the various models or tactics used. If so, how effective do you think this is? Is it resulting in the desired outcomes?
What is the leader’s involvement in teams? Describe one of the teams and the role the leader has on this team. Based upon your interview, what phase of development would you characterize the team?
What recommendations do you have that would contribute to the development of the leader-interviewee’s effectiveness as a leader?


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