Developing Data Flow Diagram (DFD)

In traditional approach to development, data flow diagram (DFD) fragments are self contained models detailing how a system will respond to a single event. While this response will be depicted as a single process symbol on the context diagram, the DFD fragment shows the details contained within that process. It will also explicitly show which data is required as the inputs to and the outputs from that process. Read the The Spring Breaks ‘R’ Us Travel Services” (SBRU) (file uploaded). Review the subsystems description provided in Figure B-10 (file uploaded) & Figure B-12 (file uploaded). Read Chapters B & 3 (files uploaded). Perform the following tasks: 1. Describe how you could demonstrate SBRU source event in a manner similar to Figure B–12 (file uploaded). Describe the 1 event (source). 2. Use Microsoft Word, or your preferred drawing tool, to develop a traditional DFD fragment that shows the processing for the 1 event (source). 3. In the DFD that you create, show all data stores that are needed for this process. The data stores are represented on the diagram. Do not write introduction & conclusion. You can add additional sentences/paragraphs. You can research on the Internet or books/journals & you can add additional references.


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