Developing Brief and Intermediate Descriptions for Use Cases

Use cases provide a description of the functional requirements of the system. The textual description of a use case can appear in three different formats: brief, intermediate, and fully developed. The brief description consists of a paragraph that describes the use case very informally. Only very simple use cases with one scenario, and only one or two exception conditions would be created in this format. Most use cases will initially be written in the brief format and then expanded into the intermediate description. The intermediate description of a use case expands the detail of the brief description by adding the internal flow of activities for the use case. This includes all possible scenarios and all exception conditions that can occur in any of the scenarios. The most formal format for a use case is the fully developed description. In this format, a template is used to describe in detail each scenario of a use case. Pre- and post-conditions, a detailed flow of activities, and exception conditions are all documented. You will develop a brief and an intermediate description of a use case. Based on “The Spring Breaks ‘R’ Us Travel Services” (SBRU) (file uploaded), perform the following tasks: 1. Write a list of the requirements for the SBRU. 2. Write a brief description that correctly describes one of the use cases based on the 2 event items (trigger & source). 3. Expand that brief description into an intermediate description. The intermediate description is the extension of the brief description use case. Read the Course Readings 2 & 3 (files uploaded). Do not write introduction & conclusion. You can add additional sentences/paragraphs. You can research on the Internet or books/journals & you can add additional references.


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