CSC321 hw#5


This programming assignment is to implement and compare the following sorting algorithms on arrays of integers.

  1. Bubblesort
  2. Selectionsort
  3. Insertionsort
  4. shellsort
  1. quicksort (recursive version ) use the right-most element as pivot
  2. quicksort (recursive version ), use the right-most element as pivot and switch to insertion sort when size of array is less than certain predetermined integer — the cutoff size
  3. Quicksort2 (recursive version ) , use the median of three as the pivot element.
  4. mergesort recursive
  5. Heapsort

You also have to implement the user interface, to allow user to test your codes for different type of input of different size. Three type of input date will be used : (1) already sorted in the descending order, (2) all the data are the same , (3) the input data are sorted in ascending order and finally, (4) random order (in this case, random number generator will be used.)The running time for each case will be measured and displayed.

You must submit the following:

  • All the source codes
  • Your source code must be well-documented.
  • Documentation that describes what you did, and how to run your program


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