Deloitte Touche and Tohmatsu Limited

Deloitte Touche and Tohmatsu Limited
Prepare a paper of at least 15 pages (excluding title, abstract and reference pages) that addresses the instructions below.

Deloitte Touche and Tohmatsu Limited is the company I would like most to work with as a consultant. This company has over a 150-year history of providing accounting accuracy, and it is listed as one of the big four accounting organizations in the world. There have been three major name changes to the original name of Deloitte that was established by Mr. William Welch Deloitte when he established his first office in London England. During 1998, Deloitte added the name of Touche to its company which father solidified Deloitte & Touche to being one of the largest corporations for accounting and human resources. Mr. George A. Touche was instrumental in establishing Touche as a company that was an industry leader in the field of accounting in Canada. In 2000, Deloitte & Touche became Deloitte Touche & Tohmatsu. Mr. Nobuzo Tohmatsu who company was an industry leader in the Asian countries which increased the organization worldwide foot print around the world. After the merger of these three powerhouse companies Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu became a founding member of the United Nations Global Compact, which seeks to promote responsible international citizenship by advancing universal values in business operations around the world.
Diversity and inclusion have been major components of this organization, which has worked well in the field by bringing in people from different cultures, backgrounds, education, talent’s capabilities and world views. This corporation of Deloitte is the brand under which nearly 200,000 professionals in independent firms throughout the world collaborate to provide audit, consulting, financial advisory, risk management, and tax services to selected clients. These firms are members of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL), a United Kingdom private company. I would like to work with this firm as a consultant, because the numerous opportunities that will occur as it relates to consulting, and the potential to provide services to a broad audience of millions of people throughout the world as client base to facilitate change and grow your business.

Support your analysis and discussion with references to at least six scholarly sources (academic journal articles) in addition to course readings (textbooks and articles), websites and multimedia. Instructions:
Imagine that you have been selected as the new transformational change agent consultant for the company or organization you have selected. Given contemporary circumstances at the company or organization, identify a specific change initiative that may be appropriate, and describe how you would move to quickly assimilate this change into the corporate culture.
Provide a comprehensive evaluation of the company or organization, critically reviewing the culture and how it influences organizational behavior and the ability to accept and embrace the change initiative. Address all aspects of the company?s culture including:
The dominant culture, six values orientation and Hofstede?s cultural dimensions that apply to the country in which the company or organization is based;

The relevance of cultural orientation and dimensions to the global business transacted by the company or organization;

Specific cross cultural communication challenges that the company or organization has faced or may face in working globally;

The presence of multi-cultural teams within the company or organization and the relative success of these teams;

The leadership style of the chief executive and/or the executive leadership team and how this style is influenced by the culture of the company or organization; Examples of motivational practices evident within the company or organization and how these either do or do not reflect multicultural sensitivity; and, Examples of decision making practices within the company or organization and how these either do or do not reflect multicultural sensitivity.
Then, identify the most important leadership skills you would need for this global assignment. What would you do to motivate those with whom you would be working to implement the change initiative? What negotiation skills would you consider most important for this assignment?
Required Resources Textbook
Adler, N. J. (2008). International dimensions of organizational behavior (5th ed.). Mason, OH: Cengage Learning.
Chapter 11: A Portable Life: The Expatriate Spouse
Chapter 12: Global Careers: Succeeding in the 21st Century
Peak, M. (1997). Darned expensive to take for granted. Management Review, 86(1), 9 (ProQuest Document ID: 10697061).

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Wittig-Berman, U. & Beutell, N. (2009). International assignments and the career management of repatriates: The boundary less career concept. International Journal of Management, 26(1), 77-88. (ProQuest Document ID: 1705193231).
Note: YouTube Accessibility for screen readers and closed captioning is available.
Insead. (2008, May 9). The transcultural leader: Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Renault, Nissan [Video file]. Available from
This video features Carlos Ghosn, recipient of the 2008 Transcultural Leader Award, discussing the characteristics of a successful transcultural leader.
Recommended Resources
Carter, N. J. (1989). Moving managers internationally: The need for flexibility. HR Human Resource Planning, 12(1), 43-47. (ProQuest Document ID: 494592).

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