Curriculum Planning Task


This Assignment requires you to plan a Unit of Work of about five weeks duration for a Senior Secondary Society and Culture class in a school with which you are familiar. The Unit must be based on the current NSW Society and Culture Syllabus (2013).

Your Unit of Work plan must be based upon a Focus Question for the whole Unit and FOUR Sequence Questions which contribute towards answering the Focus Question. A cognitive inquiry sequence approach should be adopted.

Make sure that your Unit of Work plan involves inclusive learning and thus caters for the diverse learning needs for students in your class.
Choose your resources very carefully as they will form part of Assignment 3 and potentially contribute to a pool of teaching resources for you and your fellow students to take into the Society and Culture Classroom.
Submit your Assignment in three Parts, clearly labelled Part A, Part B and Part C. Also label any sections or subsections with the appropriate number or letter.

PART A: Structure of the Unit of Work
PART B: Learning Activities, Resources and Assessment
PART C: Student Diversity

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