FALL 2015
Directions: Complete one of the following assignment as a 1-2 page essay. Be sure to define key
geographical concepts addressed in your assignment. Refer to maps from the text or atlas that are
relevant to your essay. Cite websites that you have used. Due: Thursday, Dec 3
1) Identify an indicator of development from Describe the change in the
data over the time period that the animated graph demonstrates. Explain how this indicator is
examined by geographers and why you think this pattern of change has occurred. If there are
still countries who have not developed in this manner, propose what can be learned from other
countries in this graph. Include description of geographical processes or theories that may
explain this change, such as the demographic transition model or Modernization Theory.
2) Identify a local city which has experienced suburban sprawl and downtown rejuvenation.
Describe these processes and explain why you think these processes occur locally. Research the
internet for specific plans for rejuvenation, urban limit lines or agricultural easements which
have been implemented. Do you think these measures truly address the factors causing sprawl?


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