Cross-Cultural Recruitment Ethics

Cross-Cultural Recruitment Ethics


1.    What topic area or subject do you propose to explore? Why is this topic important?
In this paper, I would like to discover ethics issues happen in global business recruitment. International organizations should be able to identify and hire the right talents as they expand into the global market.

2.    What is the purpose of your study? Provide the background for your research and state the problem you propose to investigate.
The purpose of my research is to study how global firms behavior when they attempt to hire employees from different cultural-background in different cultures.

3.    What is the theoretical foundation of your work?
Business Professional Conduct

4.    What is your research question (or questions)?
A, How is the global recruiting market?
B, What do global organizations behave as they conducting recruitment? Also the reasons for them to adapt the hiring approaches.

5.    What research method(s) do you propose to answer your research question(s)?
I will make plenty of research on ethic journals and business database to collect data to illustrate the answers to my research questions.

6.    What references have you located so far to support your research plans? Provide at least one article from the journal list given by instructor.
So far I do have one article from WSJ regarding JP Morgan’s China Department is    been under censorship by the U.S. Headquarter regarding it hiring the son of a head Chinese commerce officer.

7.    What is the significance or expected contribution of your study?
I expect my research could show that there are challenges for today’s global recruiting market. As more and more firms jump into international market, the procedure of recruiting cross-cultural talents have become much more crucial.

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