Critically discuss the extent to which we are in the midst of a global refugee crisis

The question is (((Critically discuss the extent to which we are in the midst of a global refugee crisis.))))

This is an assed essay the writing should not exceed the 5000 word at all because they will take marks for me and the word count should be 4950 without the reference because the references doesn’t included in the word count. PLEASE PLEASE I NEED THIS PAPER TO BE REALLY ORIGINAL WITH 0% copying because im in my master year and I submit my work through the university website and they catch anything that is copied from the internet and please please I will appreciate if its an excellent paper because iits 80% and its something huge so I will really appreciate if this paper have an excellent things to be written please please.

And I need 21 references and I uploaded one sample of an writing assessed essay but this one should be critically that the professor gave us please check it and everything should be as Harvard style and it should be critically


The essays can be consulted to give you a clearer idea of how to structure your own arguments. You may wish to pay attention to the introductions and conclusions of the essays, as well as the ways in which they develop the authors’ own ideas in logical, systematic ways and with the support of other arguments and evidence


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