Critical Theory (10%)

Submit your assignment on or before the due date specified in the Course Calendar using your last name, first initial and assignment number as a title (e.g. Tilsond A6).

In Chapter 6 the “specialized approaches to interpreting literature” are divided into four groups according to their focus:

*Focus on the literary work itself
*Focus on the author
*Focus on the reader
*Focus on a view of reality

Write a short essay (250 words) arguing that one of the abovementioned four main critical approaches to literary interpretation is better than the other three. You thesis should argue that the focus of this particular approach is the most reasonable and/or effective way to view literary works. The structure of the essay should be as follows:

Opening: Introduction of topic and statement of thesis.

Body: Three short paragraphs that each begin with a topic sentence that supports your thesis by arguing a point of superiority of your choice over the other three. The rest of each paragraph will support that argument; you may use examples from literary works to this end.

Conclusion: Sum up your essay by explaining how the body proves the thesis.


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