critical review of the literature endocrinology.

critical review of the literature endocrinology.

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Assignment (Essay)
Choose a topic that interests you and that falls within the scope of this unit and write a 1925words word critical review of the literature.

The content of this unit has a focus on human endocrinology and reproductive physiology but because human medicine is informed by knowledge gained from animal models it is important that a biomedical scientist has a good understanding of the physiological differences and similarities within mammals. Consequently the unit will be of interest to a wide range of students. Disease, which occurs as the result of disruptions or lesions to the endocrinine system, will be discussed briefly when relevant to the topic area. The basic histology and anatomy of endocrine glands and reproductive organs will be covered.
Topics :
1- Introduction to endocrinology.
2- Hormone Action.
3- Hypothalamus /Pituitary Axis.
4- Quality Control.
5- Thyroid Gland.
6- The Adrenal Gland Hormones.
7- Growth Hormone & Insulin.
8- Leptin.
9- Male Reproductive Physiology.
10- Female Reproductive Physiology.
11- The HPG Axis.
12- Paracrine Regulation
13- Fertilization .
14- Sexual Reproduction .
15- Pregnancy .
16- Parturition.
17- Lactation.
18- Puberty.
19- Fertility and Ageing.

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