Critical Appraisal

This will require someone who can work with research and statisticsPart A: Critical Appraisal

  1. Using only Grayson et al, Pessao-Silva et al and Cohen et al papers undertake a critical appraisal of each paper using the Critical Appraisal starting at Q.4 in the proforma in your course notes (Refer to Activity 5.1 in Module 5 for completing Part A of this final assessment, page 5-15). (15 marks; 1 marks each question)

Part B

Summarise the evidence in half a page each for each of the 3 papers – Pessao-Silva et al and Cohen et al . (15 marks) Please upload as a word document with Part C.

Part C: Communicating the evidence (20 marks)

You will be applying your critical appraisal skills from Part A, as well as applying this skill to your reading of Playford et al and any data you view on the MyHospitals website.

Background: The media and colleagues have shown a lot of interest in the infection rates for your hospital, on MyHospitals website. Your infection rate is considered to be unacceptably high by your Area Health Services. Your hospital’s hand hygiene compliance rate, on MyHospitals website, is at the medium to high level. You decide your hospital’s hand hygiene compliance rate may not be reflecting usual practice. You have been assigned to reduce infection and you have decided to focus on the most cost effective method – improving hand hygiene.

The 2 Australian papers (by Grayson et al and Playford et al) show differences in the relationship between hand hygiene and infection compared with the 2 overseas papers (by Pessoa-Silva et al and Cohen B et al). You will need to convince your staff despite this conflicting evidence about the relationship between hand hygiene and healthcare associated infection your hospital must improve hand hygiene compliance.

Your Task: Submit online in word format a written 2-page report for the CEO on the evidence from overseas, Australian and website information to support the message that staff needs to improve hand hygiene.


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