critical analysis

15%- You will choose a book from the Book Report List. You will summarize and analyze the book in a written report 7-10 pages long. Papers should be double spaced and 12 point type, Arial or Times New Roman. Margins no more than 1 inch on all sides. As a part of your analysis relate specific passages, effects or scenes to the concepts of race and the legal underpinnings and consequences or solutions. This is a critical analysis and should include specific references from the course or other appropriate literature or current events. You may choose to point out the positive or negative aspects or both. Summarize the book. Critique the concepts. Include sociological concepts from the course. Additionally, you will use your week of Oct 19th blog post to post a synopsis and commentary on your chosen book even if it is not related to your blog topic. Grading rubric is included on the Quick File Access page with the assignment description.
********The name of the book is Bracey, Dorothy H. 2005. Exploring Law and Culture. Waveland Press Inc, you can buy it online and I will pay for it because I don’t know how to buy online please read everything in instructions and follow them carefully please. Also, the professor asked us to use references if you can use references from current events************


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