Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD)

The technique used for database management is called CRUD – the acronym for words: create, read, update and delete. Explore the internet and compare various websites which offer air plane tickets for international flights. Read Course Readings 2 (file uploaded). Perform the following tasks: 1. Describe 1 website of airplane ticket vendors you would recommend for upgrading with the use of CRUD technique. What CRUD applications are used in the website, if any? What are the legal issues connected with personal data storage in the website found and how possibly the CRUD technique might help to deal with them? 2. Identify an appropriate set of events, actors, and use cases in the website in a table format. The CRUD matrix table includes the identified domain classes, use cases, and CRUD information. Do not write introduction & conclusion. Research on the Internet & you can add additional references.


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