Create a 'recipe' for your foot construction to reflect on the process of construction.

Assignment 2: (you might need pictures, it’s in this email)

For Tuesday – Create a ‘recipe’ for your foot construction to reflect on the process of construction.

You must include –

A. Materials – list/draw all necessary materials including specifics of size and thickness. Include tools and hardware

B. Process – list/draw steps necessary to fabricate your piece

C. Additional – Diagram sizing (how did you know what size to make your pieces compared to the foot size?) or templates (if you were going to cut out the pieces what shape would they be flat?).

Consider the potential of a ‘recipe’. It can be fully visual (Stone Soup recipe, Ikea directions) or partly visual and partly text (cookbooks with photos). It should clearly show the necessary steps over time and clearly indicate what materials need to be gathered to begin.

It may be formatted as a small book or a single sheet. This piece should reflect on what you learned about your process and consider where construction/fitting/fastening should be precise versus more adaptive or open.

Scan if necessary, print and bring copy to class.

btw, this shoe making project, materials are: sheet matels; 15oz canvas, yarns. Everything is hand sewing. Also, the sheet metal is cut and fold by the sheet metal cutter and roller. I used drill to make holes on sheet metals. In addition, i used awl to get the sewing needle to go through the heavy fabric.


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