Counseling and Cultural Diversity: Understanding Family Dynamics

Counseling and Cultural Diversity: Understanding Family Dynamics

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Discuss the relevance of the selected topic to an understanding of multiculturalism or the application of the topic in multicultural counseling.

Very little research regarding family dynamics of culturally diverse families has been done in relation to counseling practices. While there has been an increasing effort to understand the importance the role of culture in the counseling setting in the past several years, the family dynamics within those cultures has not been studied. The author of this paper will discuss the challenges and professional needs of counselors who work with families from various backgrounds in the context of multicultural counseling. This article will define current terms, and discuss the developmental needs of these families. Focus will be placed upon biracial, ethnic, religious, and LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning) families. In addition, the author will provide suggestions for continued education for counselors and therapists. In conclusion, a proposal will be made for additional research, family theory enrichment, and future empirical works.
Keywords: biracial, LGBTQ, multicultural counseling, family dynamics, ethnic, religion, diversity

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