Corporate Responsibility and Governance

Corporate Responsibility and Governance

*Individual Assignment: Company Report:

*The company chosen Microsoft (in the USA)

*Utilising the learning obtained from doing your group presentation
*Write 2750words you are required to select a large public limited company, operating in a country of your choice and critically evaluate its corporate governance and corporate social responsibility activities focusing on the following specific tasks:

The company chosen Microsoft

1.    Critically evaluate the corporate governance codes and the regulatory framework that your chosen company adheres to in the presentation of their corporate governance report.
2.    Typically corporate governance reports review a number of governance issues such as board of directors, executive remuneration etc. within the report of your chosen company and critically analyse any TWO.
3.    Evaluate the CSR practices of the chosen company focusing on its objectives, scope and activities and social reporting practices.
4.    Critically examine how the company’s CSR practices have been influenced by the national institutional environment and other stakeholders.
5.    Provide recommendations as to how the company could position itself in relation to CSR and Corporate Governance in the future within the specific country.

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