Consumer decision

1) Explain what information search means” in the context of my topic is impact of emotion on consumer decision making process. A case of shopping center and traditional retaling areas in Turkey. Engel Blackwell & Miniard 2001 a) need recognition b)search for information c)pre purchase evaluation d)purchase e)consumption f)post consumption evaluation g)divestment. 

2)And how the different stages of the information processing model relates to my topic?
3)Why information search is important?
4)How the emotion influences consumer decision making process?Why emotion is important
5)Strengths and weakness of the consumer decision making model. detail please
6)To What extent are consumer decision models applicable to Turkey?Engel Miniard model? IF at all is this expressed in your methodological approach
7)Strenghts and weakness of emotion driven model? please detail. but at the end of focus on engel &miniard model is more applicable to this topic!
Find the upload! Please use the simple english writing style.

5 academic research article newly dated and please add the number of the research article. such as Research, 64(11), 1195–1200.


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