Conflict in Afghanistan: Book Critique

The critique will place emphasis on the ability to read critically and judge if the author’s argument is convincing. 

When writing the critique:
a. Introduce the subject of the critique and identify the author. Give some preliminary information indicating the main point to be discussed. Review any background facts or issues that must be understood before the point of the article being critiqued can be appreciated. Possible include additional biographical data. This portion should be fairly brief.
b. Briefly summarize the argument of the author. Be as objective as possible so that the reader understands what the article said.
c. Analyze the author’s presentation based upon points presented and whether or not the author succeeded.
d. Respond to the presentation or focus upon the assumptions the author makes. State your reaction to, opinion of, and evaluation of these assumptions or assertions. Clearly support any reactions so that they do not appear to be arbitrary judgments. This may be accomplished by adding support from authority, using logic, observation, or personal experience. What emerges from the analysis?
e. Finally, state your conclusions about the overall piece reviewing the strengths/weaknesses.

Outside sources are not required but may be used.

Please send a draft to my email when available. It will be much easier to communicate with me via email rather than phone, please feel free to contact me as much as required to clarify any details. Upon completion please send the paper to my email in addition to uploading it on my account if possible.


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