Complete an overview of the story of the early church as presented in the New Test

Target audience: young adults aged 18-30. 
1. Summarise key events in the New Testament in chronological order. Overview of the early church’s development. Largely based on the book of Acts.
2. Use communication techniques appropriate to your audience to communicate the key events in the story of the early church from the New Testament.
3. Identify the differences between the historical context of the early church’s story and the
contemporary situation.
4. Conclude the presentation with an application of a key principle from the New Testament. The title should tie into the principal at the end.
5. The overview should include at least five references (footnotes) from the relevant lecture
and textbook. You may include other references if you would like to. 

// examples of high points that could be used as highlighted moments in the New Testament: pentecost, Paul’s conversion, Paul’s missionary journey (Acts 15-18), Paul’s imprisonment, endurance and reliance in the face of persecution, etc.


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