community health and diversity

community health and diversity

Assignment task
1. Choose one of the given scenarios.
2. Use the scholarly literature to explore one of the identified issues for this client group.
3. Using an empowerment approach, discuss how the nurse could promote health literacy in relation to this issue with:
– An individual client; and
– The client group as a whole

1. You are working as a registered nurse at a mental health homeless outreach team.
Issue: Young mental health clients who do not take their drugs
2. You are working as community health centre nurse with a large population of people who have recently arrived as refugees in Australia.
Issue: There is a high prevalence TB in this group
3. You are working as a school nurse in a school which is attended by a large number of children who have moderate to severe disabilities. You are working with the parents of these children.
Issue: The families are socially isolated from both each other, and do not engage with activities that are unrelated to their child’s disability.
4. You are working as a remote area nurse in a remote Indigenous community OR
You are working as a primary health care nurse in a developing country.
Issue: There is a high prevalence of otitis media in the children in the community
5. You are working as an occupational health nurse in a mining community with a large fly-in fly-out population.
Issue: Many of the men are presenting with HIV/AIDS, which they have contracted while on holiday trips to South East Asia.
6. You are working as a child health nurse in an urban low socio-economic area with single parent women who have a pre-school child/ren

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