Common Market Law Review

Sources: A bibliography must be given at the end and any other sources acknowledged. References should be given at the bottom of each page as footnotes. 
Plagiarism (ie. direct copying from books etc. or representing other writers’ work as your own) will result in a FAIL. All sources used must be properly acknowledged. 


1 Steiner & Woods, “EU Law”, 12th Edition, 2014, chapters (check contents).

2 Craig & De Burca,”EC Law: Text,Cases,& Materials”,6th edition, 2015 (check content for relevant chapters).

3 Wyatt & Dashwood,”European Community Law”,chapters (check contents).

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6 Green,Hartley and Usher,”The Legal Foundations of the Single 
European Market”. 

7 Ward “A Critical Introduction to European Law”,3rd Edition,2009,Cambridge.


Please note: The following ELR and CMLR journal articles can be accessed from Infolinx. Select the E-journal option and type ”European Law Review” or “Common Market Law Review”.
Journal articles are also available in paper format in the library (Regent Campus Library, Little Tichfield Street).

1 Union citizenship as probationary citizenship: Onuekwere
(Common Market Law Review 52: 531–546, 2015).

2 Daniel Thym, “The Elusive LIimits of Solidarity: Residence rights of and Social 
Benefits for Economically Inactive Union Citizens”
(Common Market Law Review 52: 17–50, 2015).

3 Daniel Thym, “When Union citizens turn into illegal migrants: the Dano case”
(European Law Review 2015, 40(2), 249-2620
4 Verschueren, H, Preventing “Benefit tourism” in the EU:A Narrow or Broad Interpretation of the possibilities offered by the ECJ in DANO?
(Common Market Law Review 52: 363–390, 2015).

5 Who funds the mobile student? Shedding some light on the normative
assumptions underlying EU free movement law: Commission v. Netherlands
Case C-542/09, European Commission v. Kingdom of the Netherlands,
Judgment of the Court of Justice (Second Chamber) of 14 June 2012, nyr.
(Common Market Law Review 50: 203–216, 2013).
6 Skovgaard-Petersen H, “There and back again: portability of student loans, grants and fee support in a free movement perspective”
(European.Law Review 2013, 38(6), 783-804)
7 Reynolds S, “Exploring the “intrinsic connection” between free movement and the genuine enjoyment test: reflections on EU citizenship after Iida”
(European Law Review, 2013, 38(3), 376-392)

8 O’Brien c, Case C-310/08 London Borough of Harrow v. Nimco Hassan Ibrahim and Secretary of State for the Home Department, Judgment of the Court (Grand Chamber) of 23 February 2010, and

Case C-480/08 Maria Teixeira v. London Borough of Lambeth and Secretary
of State for the Home Department, Judgment of the Court (Grand Chamber) of
23 February 2010
(Common Market Law Review 48 203–225, 2011)

9 Currie S, “Accelerated justice or a step too far? Residence rights of non-EU family members and the court’s ruling in Metock”
(European Law Review 2009, 34(2), 310-326)

10 Costello C, “Metock: Free Movement and Normal Family Life in the Union”
(Common Market Law Review 46: 587-662, 2009)

11 O’Leary S, “Equal treatment and EU citizens: A new chapter on cross-border educational mobility and access to student financial assistance”
(European Law Review 2009, 34(4), 612-627)


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