College Education Completion Methodology for B.S. in Computer Information Systems College Education Completion Methodology for B.S. in Computer Information Systems

The Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is used to organize the development of a software project. The actual techniques and methods used to implement the SDLC phases vary quite a bit in practice. The methods range from the traditional waterfall model to the current agile development methodologies such as Extreme Programming (XP) and Scrum. The waterfall model is an example of a predictive technique, while the Unified Process (UP) and agile methodologies are examples of a more adaptive approach. On the basis of the “A ‘College Education Completion’ Methodology” (file uploaded) for B.S. in Computer Information Systems, answer the following questions: 1. For each phase (systems analysis, systems design, and implementation phases of the SDLC), the college completion process starting with enrollment and proceeding through graduation is presented and explained as an example, and the activities in each phase. 2. Describe the Waterfall Model and Spiral Life Cycle Model for these activities. Identify which model best fits college completion and justify this choice of model. 3. Identify which analysis approach (traditional approach or object-oriented approach of the SDLC) is best for college completion and justify that choice. Answer the questions in your own words & in paragraph form. Read Chapter 8 (file uploaded). Do not write introduction & conclusion. You can add additional sentences/paragraphs. Do not include references.


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