Climate change

We are currently in a warming period. Average global temperatures are going up. Now we’re going to get into the effects/consequences of global warming. Explain the process by which global warming could affect one of the following:
1. the location of existing biomes: How could global warming cause biome shift? How would this shift potentially affect plant and animal habitats? What does this mean for our attempt to conserve biodiversity hotspots? How could the shifting of biomes contribute to the spread of diseases among humans?
2. storm intensity and frequency: How could global warming cause an increase in storm intensity and frequency? How would increasingly stronger and more frequent storms affect farming, coastal areas, water erosion…?
3. human population displacement: How could global warming result in human population displacement? How could the displacement of human populations affect social factors such as poverty, health, the spread of disease, urban overcrowding…?

Choose only one of the list of three topics in section 4. I want you to be creative with this part. The point of section 4 is to have you pull the links together… to have you see how the different factors fit together… one thing causing another… and another… and another. So the point is to connect the dots and then explain how you think those dots are linked.


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