civic issue

Recognizable Public: College students Civic Issue: Drug Testing – loan & scholarship recipients

Specific Purpose:
“To persuade my audience that to receive public finding (federal, state, public school grants/scholarships) for post-secondary education expenses, students must be required to pay for, submit and pass a drug test.”

Question of Value/Policy
(other alternatives: Question of Policy/Fact)
You must address the opposition – if you fail to do so you will automatically lose 10% of your grade. This is extremely important in a persuasive speech.
1. Decreased enrollment, loss of revenue for schools.
2. Infringement on personal property
3. Loss of privacy/advocacy

Organizational Pattern, thesis statement & main points: Use two-part formula. Chapters 6, 9, 16.
• Problem-Cause-Solution order
• Comparative Advantages & Causal Order
• Monroe’s Motivated Sequence
Provide at least 2 sources from credible sources (print, online, book, and/or interview) and 1 source from media (news, YouTube video, blogger video) and 1 source from the opposition (any format is fine). 4 sources in total.
Speech Day
1. Bring your printed outline to class on your speech day
2. Note cards are fine
3. Power Point/ Prezi
4. Recording device – you need to record your speech
5. Yourself and your confidence! Practice, Practice, Practice.


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