Case Study Analysis Criteria

PART A CHOOSE FROM 4: 150 WORDS EACH: 1. Discuss why a manager’s role is now more complex because we live in a post-industrial society 2. Discuss the concept of empowerment and how managers can use this in the workplace 3. Discuss the concept of the flexible firm. 4. Discuss why increasing consumer consumption is both an economic savior and an environmental devil. 5. Discuss how social business provides an innovative approach benefits business and social outcomes. 6. Discuss the power-interest grid that forms part of stakeholder analysis

Part B (20 marks) – Case Study Analysis Criteria 1. Completion of the Planning Table including, identification of the three priority issues, three different management concepts, a list of the literature used and key points in the analysis and recommendations. (4 marks) 2. Case Analysis that links the key issues (three) in the case with the relevant academic literature. Need to demonstrate a capacity to explain the key concepts and draw explicit links with the case. (7 marks) 3. Recommendations: clearly outlines the recommended actions that you would take to improve or develop Sustainable Energy. The recommendations need to be justified. (6 marks) 4. Coherency and writing (3 marks)


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