Case Study

Assignment Instructions
Click the links below to view the Case Study materials.

View , then answer the attached Case Study questions.

Case Study is to be 3 pages in length maximum; written in paragraph format, answering one main question in each paragraph. There are 5 main questions for Case Study, so your paper will have 5 main paragraphs. Please use Times Roman or Arial font, 10-12 point size, black text color,, and one (1) inch page margins.

Additional Resources for Assignments

WSJ 7-21-15 “Uber Crashes the Democratic Party”
WSJ 7-23-15 “Uber, in Deal, Averts Curb in New York”
WSJ 7-23-15 “Uber 1, Progressives 0”
WSJ 7-27-15 “Why Uber Drive the Left Crazy”
WSJ 7-26-15 “How Uber Won the Big Apple”
NYT 7-26-15 “Muffled in The Hamptons, Uber Makes Some Noise”
NYT 7-26-15 “Uber Turns Its Regulatory Pain Into New Yorkers’ Problem”
WSJ 8-5-15 “The Firm That’s Beating Uber”


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