Capsim Foundation

– Must know how to use CAPSIM, understand Financial Reports. This interdisciplinary approach to the study of the process of strategic management includes strategic analysis planning, implementation, evaluation, and control from the perspective of top management in profit-making U.S. and international corporations, as well as public and nonprofit organizations. Capsim Foundation Simulation is used extensively.

– Pick the best Porter Strategy recommended.

– History off assignment can be found:

Use source:

– Attached guidelines for writing and other attachments (results of my Capsim performance that will help answer the questions)

Please incorporate the following:

Name Porter’s Strategy (I used Porter’s strategy: Cost focus (elaborate on this all throughout as the strategy) and connect it to a Vision Statement on page 1.

Also please make sure to give a Summary statement of your data and goals for the future at the end, indicate in conclusion/last page.

Tell the Board of Directors a compelling story of the company through the visual communication of data, and create trust that you know the North Star of the company and how to navigate there.

Cost Focus means emphasizing cost-minimization within a focused market. Low cost such as Walmart, Costco, Etc.

Please use below for reference:

Sources must be APA format and url link must be provided when used. It is important to incorporate responses based on the results from the Fast Track rounds, Annual Reports, Financial Summaries & Round Analysis (all are attached).

Source to be used:


then open PDF in browser to view article

2 1/2 pages should reflect the instructions for writing (above) /Capstone Component 1: Executive Summary & half page for the Capstone Component 2: Professional Reflection

Please review below to ensure results will be “Proficient” attached as “OL_421_Final_Project_Guidelines_and_Rubric-4”

Instructor Feedback: This activity uses an integrated rubric in Blackboard. Students can view instructor feedback in the


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