Business Process Modeling


The Governor’s office (source: Templenuevo, 2015)

The Philippines is comprised of three main geographical divisions – Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. These islands are categorized into 18 regions, 81 provinces, 144 cities, 1,490 municipalities, and 42,029 barangays (National Statistical Coordination Board, 2014). The Province of Aklan is situated on the middle island of Visayas.

IT branch of the Governor

The Aklan Provincial Government’s (PGA) office aims to improve the generation of revenue and the overall efficiency of business operations. The Management Information System Division (MISD) manages the systems and is chaired by a Supervising Administrative Officer (SAO). There are a number of staff in the MISD with a Business Analyst (BA), a Technical Analyst (TA) and four programmers in the staff of six that can deliver systems analysis and design. An Executive Information System (EIS) is part of the list of information systems to be established for the PGA, but not yet implemented. The EIS is a management information system that will assist the Governor on carrying out appropriate administrative practices by consolidating data in a concise format. Relevant outputs from different information systems are summarized from various management and transaction based information systems and delivered to the Governor’s workstation. The general process description is described in table 1 below. Note this is a general process description! You are encouraged to start with this scenario and consider as a BA how you would suggest changing the process to the SAO

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