Business model

only writing part // Discipline: Entrepreneurship
Paper details from previous order
A detailed individual report and business model template. Both the report and
business model would justify a chosen business/start-up, its viability and attractiveness to potential investors. The start-up is “What’s app”.

The depth of analysis and the justification provided in the report and business model template. The business model template should be completed with clear rationalization for each element.

So you have to do business model canvas template and then the report.

Report have to be:

-Informative and fact-based
-Formally structured
-Usually written with a specific purpose and reader in mind
-Written in style appropriate to each section
-Always include section headings
-Often use bullet points
-Often includes tables or graphs
-Offer recommendations for action
-Appropriate Referencing should be used.

let the writer write the words and make a slides for a given topic with a minimum of 5 min time
to make a 10 slide presentation that could be 5 minutes long.p(5)

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