Business Management

Schermerhorn Jr., J. R., Davidson P., Woods P., Simon A., Poole D., McBarron E., (2014) Management: Foundations and Applications with iStudy, 2nd Asia Pacific Edition ISBN: 978-1-118-56238-3.


Examine and critically evaluate the use of classical, behavioural, and quantitative, approaches to management in facilitating the success (or otherwise) of McDonalds Australia (or another organisation known to you).

Please see the Assessment 3 Marking criteria for a detailed explanation of the allocation of marks in this assessment

This assessment will assist you learn to

Demonstrate your understanding of the challenges that managers face
Learn about and identity the skills and abilities required for managing
Perform in-depth research on matters relating to contemporary management
Develop your critical thinking skills so you can present a balanced view of management theory and organisational practice
Critically reflect on your own philosophy, goals, and skills about managing
Develop and practice your formal written communication skills
Develop your APA citation and referencing skills.


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