Business game Report

Department of Accounting and Finance: Career Skills in Accounting and Finance

Summer Term 2015: Individual Report Assignment

This is an individual task and the report must be your own work. You are expected to start work on this task during Summer 2015.




You should write a Report to your co-Chief Executive Officer. This is worth 60% of the AcF350a component mark. Students wishing to score highly on this report should aim to make best use of the business simulation game and presentation task as these will give you a better appreciation of the issues that will be reflected in your discussions in your report.


REQUIRED: Your word-processed report should be a maximum of 2,000 words long (excluding plots and references) in length. Reports longer than 2,000 words will be penalised.


In your report you should:


  1. Briefly describe your allocated company and the industry (or industries) in which they operate.
  2. Include an appraisal of the current state of the Industry.
  3. Include an analysis of how your company performed over the previous six periods.
  4. Proposals for the future strategy for your company.




This report must be word processed in Microsoft Word and submitted in both soft and hard


copy. The deadline for all soft copies (i.e. electronic submission via the AcF350 Moodle site) is Friday 30th October 2015 12noon (week 4 Michaelmas Term). Please note: late mark penalties will be applied if the soft copy of your group’s piece is not submitted by this deadline. The hard copy of your report should be submitted in the coursework box outside C38 also by Friday 30th October 2015, 12 noon (week 4 Michaelmas Term). The hard copy must contain a signed coursework declaration sheet


Please note: The Department reserves the right to adjust coursework marks after coursework has been returned to students in order to ensure that the coursework marks have an appropriate distribution.




  1. Cover Sheet – This should include the Addressee, Title of the report, who the report was prepared by and the date of the report (establishes date up to which facts are known).


  1. Index – To include page numbers


  1. Introduction -This section identifies the subject of the report and states why it was prepared and intended readership. You should state the purpose of the report in specific terms and a plan of development. You should also state any limitations of the report.


  1. Executive Summary – A series of approximately 5 to 10 Bullet Points summarising the main findings of the Report, the conclusions of the author and the recommendations. The readership should be able to understand the main thrust of the Report by reading this section alone without reading the entire Report.
  2. Main Body – Contains the DETAILED findings of the work undertaken. Cross-referenced to related points elsewhere in the Main Body or the Appendices


  1. Appendices – Numbered separately, contain any detailed calculations.



Your report should be word-processed with 1.5 line spacing. An appropriate font size to use is Times New Roman size 12 (or similar) for the main body text. You may wish to enlarge the font size used for any headings/title of your report. To help the marker, you may also wish to leave a line between each paragraph and indent the start of each paragraph. Any graphical illustrations may be incorporated within the text or included as an appendix. Please ensure the charts are properly labelled and the sources of data are properly acknowledged.


The sections/sub-sections of your report should be clearly titled. Please note: The reference list is not included in the word count, but citations within the text are included in the word count. There is no 10% allowance in the word count and if you go over the word limit, it is at the marker’s discretion as to whether you will be penalised for this. Ensure all pages are correctly numbered and include a word count at the end of the document.


A common mistake in reports is to report on everything. This is not necessary! It is important to focus on the key issues. Additional material should be placed in an appendix, but be selective. However, if you include material in an appendix, it is important to refer this in the main text of your report (Note: the appendix is not usually included within the word count, but it should not be seen as a dumping ground for material exceeding the word limit.).


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