You are an employees of a Chinese tea company which is selling traditional tea and the company is currently interested in is Australia.
2. You should write two parts:
? Question 1: What the industry context is in Australia (i.e. customers, competitors)?
This is industry – based view please Refer to Lecture 2?
Question 2: How all of this affects your entry decision and the choice of entry mode?
This part should be Refer to Lecture 5 and 6

3. You should provide completed Five Forces Framework for question 1 and Comprehensive model for foreign market for question 2 in the appendix of the assignment
4. At least 8 references list and in text references with APA style
5. You need use relevant theoretical/conceptual to support your ideas.
6. Just answer two questions above, you don’t need follow the essay format
Report Overview – You are the employees of a prestigious management consulting company and your services have been hired to help a Chinese tea company to perform a strategic analysis as part of an international development plan. The market that this company is currently interested in is Australia. As consultants, your project is to prepare an International Business Development plan for a Chinese firm of your choice. When you choose your “employer”, they should be a domestic Chinese company that has not yet entered the Australian market1. The consulting firm you work for places a premium on precise and concise reports. Your report should convey the essential information your client needs, and provide a preliminary recommendation on whether to enter Australia at this time and by which entry mode. The final marks of the project are peer moderated.
Learning Objectives – As a research exercise this project evaluates your ability to identify and retrieve valid information to inform your analysis. Your ability to communicate in writing with sufficient clarity to convey complex information in an international business context will also be developed and evaluated through this assessment.

Advice – In this report you are not expected to conduct an exhaustive strategic analysis (e.g. it may not be possible to gather adequate data to conduct a comprehensive five forces industry analysis in the time allowed), however, you are expected to structure your analysis of relevant data in line with the broad analytical frameworks outlined in your lectures. You must conduct some form of strategic analysis of your chosen firm’s organizational capabilities, taking into account the industry environment in Australia and the impact that institutional differences will have on the firm’s ability to compete. For example, you should consider:
1. What the industry context is in Australia (i.e. customers, competitors)?
2. How all of this affects your entry decision and the choice of entry mode?

Critical Analysis – Only use data that you can demonstrate to be relevant (i.e. data that can be convincingly used to help you make on decision on, if, when and how this firm should enter Australia). The time you have to complete this project is limited and therefore, there are understandable limits on the amount of data you can collect. Your ability to explicitly analyze the data you have is the primary concern of the examiners of this report (i.e. your ability to draw out the implications of the data for your chosen firm). You must consistently interpret and/or explain the implications of the data for your chosen firm, rather than writing on the topic or presenting information and leaving it to the examiner/or the board of directors to analyze what it all means. You must consistently spell out the implications of the industry and institutional environments for the company’s decision to enter this market, the likelihood of profit in the industry and how this analysis leads to the recommendation of an appropriate mode of market entry. You should also note that, based on your data and analysis, it might be appropriate to come to a negative conclusion. This assignment should not be interpreted as an order to enter Australia at all costs. Do not come to conclusions at odds with the data presented in the report. All data should be discussed in a logical and coherent manner. Your data should logically build to the conclusion/recommendations and your discussion should be consistent throughout the report.

Level of Research – This report must provide enough evidence to make a well-informed decision or reasonably robust recommendations to the board of directors who have commissioned this report. If there is a paucity of relevant information in one-area (e.g. no data on market size) you are expected to compensate by using other relevant data to make your recommendations. For example, drawing inferences about market potential based on the number and strength of competitors; examining the markets statistics for cognate or substitute product; or using a broader definition of the industry. This analytical flexibility will result in every group having enough data to write a report and to make strategically sound recommendations. Please remember, the more relevant the data is to your chosen company the easier it will be for you to explicitly analyze its strategic implications in the context of your business developmental plan for Australia. In the unlikely event that your preliminary research leads you to the conclusion that there is not enough data on your chosen firm and the industry and institutional environments in Australia, then you will need to choose another firm



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