Reflec%ve Por+olio
1. You will need to undertake both Profiling for Success ques%onnaires and read your personal
ports that are generated from these exercises before comple%ng the reflec%on below. (NB:
taking each test you will receive a report by email. You should save these as you will need
to refer
to these in order to complete your assignment below).
2. You will also need to think about the Enterprise–Rent–A–Car presenta%on and refer to
what you
have learnt from them on Wednesday.
3. Ensure you answer each ques%on fully and refer to the marking criteria. This reflec%on will
part of your prac%ce week second assessment.
Your profile and its appeal to a poten%al employer
Describe your profile from ‘Type Dynamics Indicator’ report in your own words.
What aspects of your profile would be a:rac;ve to an employer? (Think about what you heard at the Enter–
prise–Rent–A–Car presenta4on from one of the biggest graduate/UG employers in the country to guide
with regards to what employers want)
Iden%fying and developing your employability skills
A?er undertaking the ‘Skills Audit’ in prac;ce week 1, what skills do you have difficulty in evidencing?
Why do you think this is?
What ac;vi;es can you engage in to further your skills porFolio?
What areas of development does your ‘Type Dynamics Indicator’ report iden;fy?
What can you do to improve within the areas iden;fied?
From the Enterprise–Rent–A–Car presenta;on what skills were highlighted as essen;al?
1 |
Did any of the skills men;oned surprise you? If so why?
What skills do you think you need to develop to meet Enterprise–Rent–A–Car’s requirements?
Specific roles
From the results of the ‘Careers Interest Inventory’ report, choose 2 jobs that really appeal to you.
(Choose 3
jobs from any of the career themes generated or the combined list within the report)
What are the main skills and a:ributes required for each role?
How do your skills and a:ributes match the roles?
What skills/a:ributes can you evidence using S.T.A.R. that will really impress an employer? (Again avoid
clichés and think about the advice Enterprise–Rent–A–Car gave in the presenta4on on Wednesday.)
S.T.A.R. is a method of evidencing your skills wri4ng in the format of Situa4on, Task, Ac4on, Result.
Situa4on — what was the situa4on and when did it take place?
Task — what task was it, and what was the objec4ve?
Ac4on — what ac4on did you take to achieve this?
Results — what happened as a result of your ac4on?
In general which skills do you s;ll need to develop in par;cular to shine in these roles?
How would you develop these specific skills and a:ributes? (think about ac4vi4es/work experience/volun–
teering you can partake in) .
There will be drop in sessions taking place during practice week 3 to help you provide support with assessment
2 on Wednesdays and Thursdays (please see the timetable)
You should submit your work before 23:59- 5th MAY 2015 via Turnitin link which can be found in Assessment
1 folder under ‘Assessment & Feedback’ section.
2 |
3 |
4 |

5 |

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