British literature analysis

English 242
I. Please answer of the following questions in a well- organized and developed, original and insightful essay. Try to keep your essay to no more than three typed pages. You must cite form the works you choose to discuss in your essay. (50% of Grade).

1. Please discuss representations of religion in at least two of the writers we have studied.

I studied about the Romantic period, and the book is The NORTON ANTHOLOGY ENGLISHH LITERATURE Volume D
Writers I have studied: William Wordsworth, William Blake, John Keats, and Mary Shelley

II. Grade Criteria: Part 2 (50% of Grade)

1. Apply

Introduction is clear and states the author, title, and genre of the texts, and the thesis is clearly stated.
Paragraphs are coherent and well developed
Conclusion clearly summarizes the main points of the analysis.
Major grammatical errors are avoided: comma splices, fused sentences, fragments, and agreement errors.
Correct punctuation is used.

2. Analysis

Passages form the texts relevant to your thesis are cited in the essay.
Language of the cited passages is closely analyzed to validate your thesis.

3. Produce

Thesis is clear and validated by a thoughtful and close reading of the texts.
Theoretical and interpretive strategies are utilized where appropriate.
Discussion places the texts in the lager conceptual framework of the Enlightenment and Romanticism.


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