Book report of "The Imperial Presidents"

Based on your reading of The Imperial Presidents, answer the following questions.
What is meant by the “imperial presidency?” How have historians defined this most important relegation or arrogation of power to the executive branch of government? In your opinion, which president best personified in action and deed this dynamic of executive power? 
Discuss the evolution of the ideology of liberalism from FDR to Barack Obama? Define liberalism and then discern which president did the most to carry forward such a tradition and consensus.
Not all presidents embraced the liberal ethos and thus there was a conservative reaction or backlash to liberalism that, interestingly, emanated from the people or the electorate. When and why did that that occur? Did the triumph of conservatism last very long? Why didn’t the ethos last very long, or has it? 
Your answers to these questions must be substantiated by the information in the book. Put the page number from the book where you have found or cited the appropriate documentation. Your papers are to be submitted by no later than midnight, December 6, 2015. No later papers will be accepted. 

Moretta,, The Imperial Presidency: An Assessment of the American Presidency from FDR to Barack Obama. (Abigail Press). 

Work Cited is required. Have to read the book to be able to answer the questions. May use other sources but please do correct MLA style citations.


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