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Guidelines: In this section of your business report, your goal is to explain, discuss, and evaluate the sources, facts, figures, and information you have gathered through your research and investigation of your business “problem” and determine if your initial approaches/methods were an appropriate way to address/resolve your business “problem”. If your approaches/methods were correct, or at the very least heading in the right direction, explain why! If they weren’t correct, or they seem inconclusive, EXPLAIN WHY! In order to complete this section effectively, you will need to provide numerical figures, statistics, and other pertinent data and include AT LEAST THREE charts, graphs, figures/images that show you’ve analyzed the information you’ve found. Although you still may not have have all the answers to your business problem yet, you must analyze what answers you DO have so far in your ivestigation. This section will take AT LEAST 4-5 pages, but you may find yourself writing more (totally fine! you can always cut/revise/repurpose some of what you write for later). Remember: this section is NOT a conclusion (you’ll be writing that later), it is a discussion of the data/information. The conclusion is what needs to be done next to tackle the business “problem” and your overall thoughts/analysis of the entire investigation.
**This is the fourth part of a school assignment, previous parts will be in the additional materials.
**It should be writen in a way that the report looks like they are from the same author; this is important.

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