Research Paper


Listed below are the requirements and parameters for this assignment.


  1. You will be working in groups of five. I will be assigning the students in each group after everybody has signed into the online lecture course (moodle).
  2. You will use the two rubrics I’ve posted at moodle to determine your grade. The two rubrics are 1) scientific method rubric and 2) teamwork rubric. If you’ve never used a rubric before, the idea is to do everything in the column that has the MOST points.
  3. I will create a forum for your group where you can communicate with each other. Of course you can swap email addresses and phone numbers if you wish but the forum is what I will provide for you.
  4. After you all have collaborated and done the paper you will go to moodle and submit the paper to me for grading. You will be submitting an electronic document. You, or somebody in your group will need to be familiar with the following software programs in order to do the paper properly.
  5. Microsoft Word (or other comparable word processing program), Microsoft Excel (or other comparable graphing program)
  6. All students in the group will participate in a fair and equitable manner. The teamwork rubric is used in order for each group member to judge the performance of the other group members.
  7. The research paper counts 10% of your total course grade.


Steps to complete the paper. You will need to know what the 5 steps are in the scientific method and be able to tell me what each one is. Your research paper will use the scientific method.




  1. Make contact with the other group members and discuss what each will do. It is recommended that one of the members acts as a leader. Not to push the other group members around J but rather to make sure the work is spread out and that all the work gets compiled into the presented paper in its final form.
  2. I’m providing you with the topic. It is the correlation between the length of an individual’s arm vs their height. There is a PERCENTAGE correlation between each. Your job is to form a hypothesis regarding what percentage you believe that correlation is and then do an experiment that either proves or disproves your hypothesis. If your experiment disproves your hypothesis, that’s called a “null hypothesis” and that is just fine. Most of science is founded on hypotheses that are null in total or on part. If every idea and notion were always right, then there would be no need for the scientific method right? I’ll be looking to see how well you concocted your hypothesis and experiment, performed the experiment, presented your data and formed your conclusions.
  3. You’ll need to write your paper with the following in mind. You must form an observation and then introduce some background information regarding it. The general idea is that you should be able to grab a stranger off the street and give them your paper and they should be able to understand what your paper is about and be able to completely duplicate your experiment. Details as to what is required is paramount so don’t skimp out with those details about what you did in the experiment. List all the materials needed to perform the experiment. List the steps in the experiment. Provide easily understandable data tables and graphs. Your graph/s are based upon the data you collect and put in the data tables. Graphs must be titled, must have the axis titled correctly, must have a legend, must use a best fit line, must have the proper units marked and must show all data points. Finally you must analyze your data and determine whether or not your data collected proves your hypothesis or not and reach a conclusion about that. Also, if during the experiment you discover ways to make the experiment better for others trying to duplicate your work, in the conclusion is where you should mention that.
  4. You will need 25 data points. Spread between 5 group members that would be 5 data points per member. You would then collect all that information and compile it into a data table and a graph. In this experiment’s case a data point is just a person (the subject) being measured.
  5. Here is a link to help you get started making your data table. Also see the link I have at WTC Ecampus called “Graphing Tutorial” to see how to do the graph for your paper.





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