Bill Yenne's "Big Week: Six Days That Changed the Course of WWII"

The reviewer must demonstrate their credibility by making it clear that they have read the book and understand it. I recommend you follow this outline, but please submit the final copy in narrative form without the outline letters and numerals. Please spellcheck, grammar check, and proofread generally!

(3-5 pages, double-spaced, 12-point font):

I. Who is the Author? (one paragraph)
A. Does he/she teach? Write? Where? Living or dead?
B. Other works by this author on this topic?
C. Is the author qualified to write on this subject?
II. Summary of the book (one paragraph)
A. What is the book about?

III. Thesis
A. What is the author’s main point? What is the one main idea he/she is trying to convey?
IV. Support
A. What are the main supporting points of the work? Name 5 of the most important. Does the author support this main point convincingly?
V. Sources (not the same thing as “Support”!) – what sources does the author use?
1. Primary? Newspapers, diaries, court cases, letters, abstracts of title, etc.
2. Secondary? Books written by other historians
3. Just state succinctly which type of sources they use. Do they use primary sources and do they “place” their work in a context with other books on the topic?
VI. Summary of your opinion of the book
A. Audience – For whom was the book written? Scholars? Students? The general public?
B. What did you think of the book, personally.

FORMAT FOR HEADING (use no other headings or title page):
Grassland: The History, Biology, Politics, and Promise of the American Prairie. By Richard Manning (New York: Penguin Books, 1995), 306 pp., including index and bibliography. Review by _________.p(4)

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