Bhopal Disaster

Please include the following information about bhopal disaster in the paper:
I. Introduction to the Engineering Ethics Violation Case
II. Background
a. Organizations/People Involved
b. Key Dates (timeline for courses of action)
c. Key Issues (consequences)
III. Discussion
a. How was the protection of public welfare violated?
b. What engineering professional responsibilities and/or ethics were neglected?
c. What could the organization and/or people involved have done differently?
Provide suggestions.
IV. Conclusions
V. References ( online sources only)
 5 pages, double-spaced
 1250 words total (approximately 250 words/page)
 Times New Roman font, size 12
 1 inch margins
 Include page numbers (bottom, right of each page)
 Figures and Tables DO NOT count towards the required number of word.


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