Balance and Focal Point

Balance and Focal Point: State what the visual (or compositional) weight (or balance) is for each of these paintings (symmetrical, asymmetrical, or radial). Next, state your assessment of what or where the focal point is for each work. Submit this in list form, not as an essay. You may use just the illustration numbers instead of the title. [i.e. fig. #8-4 = x balance; focal point is x]
7th edition:
fig. #8-4, p. 153 Coronation of the Virgin E. Quarton
fig. #8-7, p. 156 Boston Common at Twilight C. Hassam
fig. #8-21, p. 165 The Great Wave off Kanagawa Hokusai
fig. #6-12, p. 109 In the Loge Mary Cassatt
fig. #10-21, p. 213 Adam and Eve A. Durer
fig. #6-37, p. 124 Premier Disque R. Delaunay
fig. #2-21, p. 36 Marriage of Giovanni Arnolfini J. van Eyck
fig. #6-4, p. 103 The Great Western Railway J. Turner
fig. #1-17, p. 13 Les Demoiselles d’Avignon P. Picasso
fig. #5-31, p. 97 Color and Information T. Winters


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