Auditing Computer based Information System


– write a 3-page my own Class Journal to record and summarize the issues that you have learned from the class meeting (from lecture note, textbook, discussion …) on your own words. So you can say “I learned….”

– 3 FULL pages (single spaced)
– 12 Times new Roman, 1 inch margin.

– I think that you must use textbook(scanned file) because the lecture note may not enough. I wrote some comments from the instructor under some powerpoint slides. Please use them. Although, the lecture note(ppt file) is very short, please use the lecture note as much as you can. Because this journal should be minimum 3 pages.
NOTE: Don’t just copy and write everything on the textbook. You can pick and focus on some key topics

Resource: only textbook and lecture note are allowed. (do not just copy and paste from the textbook)

Finally, at the last paragraph please summarize the paper in your own words. And you can write your opinion about what was the best, new, or interesting thing from this chapter, etc.




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