Assignment 4: Description of Your Learning Environment: Organization Plan

Assignment 4: Description of Your Learning Environment: Organization Plan

(25 points) Key Assessment 2 (Learning Environment) NAEYC 1c Child Development, 4a, 4b DAP Practices


Course Instructor: This course assignment has been designated as an Accomplished Practice Assessment for which we are collecting program data on the performance of the candidate. After reviewing this assignment, please link to the Assessment System at You will log in with your NSU login name (e.g., in the e-mail address, smith is the login name) and NSU password. Please enter the evaluation results on the specified criteria (bolded areas of the rubric) for each candidate’s assignment online.


The purpose of the Organization Plan is to reflect on one’s ability and knowledge to effectively manage a learning environment for children.  This assignment requires the skills of application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. This assignment must be written in the first person.


  1. Introduction: Begin with an introduction that provides a rationale and philosophy about your view of the learning environment for young children. Describe how is the quality of instruction impacted by the learning environment? Then describe the grade level and other characteristics of the class or classes you teach or plan to teach.
  2. Components of the learning environment:


The following components must be addressed using detailed examples:


  1. The Learning Environment – Describe the social features that teachers must take into account when managing interpersonal relationships in the classroom.

Provide specific examples.

  1. How will you promote respect for children’s cultural, linguistic, and family backgrounds? (FEAP a.2.d/InTASC 2d.p, 2j.k, 2m.d, 4m.k, 10q.d)
  2. How will you foster development of social competence among children? (FEAP a.2.d/InTASC 2d
  3. How will you establish positive relationships with your students and their parents? (FEAP a.2.d/InTASC 2d.p, 2j.k, 2m.d, 4m.k, 10q.d)
  4. How will you support the children’s development of a positive self-esteem and self-concept? (FEAP a.2.f/InTASC 3a.p)
  5. How will you maintain a climate of openness, inquiry, fairness, and support? (FEAP a.2.f/InTASC 3a.p, 3j.k, 3n.d, 3q.d)
  6. How will you create safe learning environment processes and procedures that support school safety rules and guidelines? (NSU a.2.l, InTASC 3a.p, 3m.k)


  1. The Learning Environment in terms of Conduct Management – Describe a set of procedural skills that teachers use when addressing and resolving behavior and guidance issues in the classroom.

Provide specific examples.

  1. How will you establish and teach of classroom procedures, homework, transitions, dismissal, rest room, etc.? (FEAP a.2.b/InTASC 3k.k)
  2. How will you develop and teach classroom rules, rewards, and consequences? (FEAP a.2.b/InTASC 3k.k)
  3. How will you demonstrate use of all safety measures, features, and training? (FEAP a.2.b/InTASC 3k.k)
  4. How will you maintain emergency access? (FEAP a.2.b/InTASC 3k.k)
  5. How will you promote manage individual and class behaviors through a well-planned management system? (FEAP a.2.b/InTASC 3k.k)


  1. The Learning Environment in terms of Content Management – Describe how you plan to manage space, materials, equipment, the movement of people, and the lessons that are part of your curriculum. Provide specific examples.
    1. How will you address the needs of children with special needs? (FEAP a.2.h/InTASC 2f.p, 2l.k,3e.p)
    2. How will you address the needs of children who do not speak English as their first language? (FEAP a.2.h/InTASC 2f.p, 2l.k,3e.p)
    3. How will you address the needs of children of varying ability levels? (FEAP a.2.h/InTASC 2f.p, 2l.k,3e.p)
    4. How will you address student interests, learning styles, and multiple intelligences? (FEAP a.2.d/InTASC 2d.p, 2j.k, 2m.d, 4m.k, 10q.d)
    5. How will you convey high expectations to all children? (FEAP a.2.c/InTASC 3f.p, 3l.k, 3q.d)
    6. How will you model clear, acceptable oral and written communication skills? (FEAP a.2.e/InTASC 8h.p, 8m.k, 8q.d)
    7. How will you integrate current information and communication technologies? (FEAP a.2.g/InTASC 3g.p, 3m.k, 8g.p, 8o.k, 8r.d)
    8. How will you vary learning experiences that help children to work as self-directed learners and as collaborative learners in pairs or groups, both face-to-face and virtual, who are respectful of diverse social and cultural perspectives? (NSU a.2.j, InTASC 3b.p, 3h.p, 3i.k, 3o.d, 3p.d, 5g.p)
    9. How can you promote responsive interactions with children that promote shared values and expectations for interactions through collaborative and self-directed learning? (NSU a.2.k, InTASC 3c.p, 3r.d)


  1. Technology – Describe how you will utilize current and emerging assistive technologies that enable children to participate in high-quality communication interactions and achieve their educational goals. What tools and devices will you use to increase a student’s ability to adapt or compensate for a disability? (FEAP a.2.i/InTASC 3l.k, 3m.k)



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