Asian history book analysis

Books have been very influential in Asian history as a way of disseminating ideas to a large audience. Select and read one of the books listed in the syllabus approved reading list. You will write a 1050-1400 word (3-4 pages) book analysis requiring you to historically analyze the book. This is not a book report; do not write a synopsis of what the author wrote. I want you to pick one or two aspects of the book that you found significant and analyze why you believe it/they are important to your understanding of a particular aspect of Asian history. For your book analysis you must only use as your source citations information from the book that you chose from the assigned reading list and pertinent information from your text book by Hailstorck, Delparto, Neulander, Interpreting The Asian Past. Do not use any other print or electronic sources for the book analysis assignment.

Your papers will be formatted as follows:
1. A cover sheet with your name, my name, date, your class time, title of the assignment, a signed statement of the ODU Honor Code, and a word count of the paper. Papers must be stapled in the upper left hand corner. Please do not put papers in a folder or any other fancy cover. 
2. Each page will be double-spaced, (do not double space twice between paragraphs), 1” margins, 12 point font, Times New Roman. The cover page, works cited page, bibliography page, and any charts/graphs/picture captions, etc. do not count in the word requirement. Papers with less than 700 words for the research paper and 1050 words for the book analysis will receive an automatic F.
3. Bibliography page of at least 3 sources for the research paper. Do not use all-purpose encyclopedias whether in print or electronic form, or class notes as sources for your papers. 
4. You must use the Chicago Style method of documentation in all your written assignments. You must use endnotes for your source citations. The Chicago Style Documentation Guide can be found in Blackboard under “Course Documents,” or you can access it via the Web at:
5. The following is an excellent site to help you write your history papers. Reading, Writing, and Researching for History: A Guide for College Students can be found in Blackboard under “Course Documents,” or you can access it via the Web at: Please use it!

Brilliant ideas and analyses are not persuasive unless they are intelligently presented and argued; therefore, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and the coherence of your writing are important and will be graded. When you write your papers assume you are writing for a general audience with no prior knowledge about your subject material. Remember, you must define any foreign language terms in English. 
Any unusual or uncommon fact, idea or concept that you obtain from a source must be documented. Since all of you are covering an area of history that is uncommon to you, most of your paraphrased information will need to be cited. However, commonly known facts, do not have to be documented. Direct quotations must always be documented and in quotation marks. Do not quote excessively! (Excessively means that more than 10% of the paper is quotes.) When in doubt cite your work! Using ideas or quotes without documentation is plagiarizing and grounds for an “F” for the course and possible academic sanction by the dean. The rule of thumb is that if you borrow a phrase of more than three words from a source put it in quotes and document it. 
Here is the criteria I use to grade a paper:
1. Is your thesis statement analytical and does it show originality of thought?
2. Strength/Quality of the thesis statement?
3. Do you cover the major issues relevant to your topic?
4. Do you use examples and specific details to support your thesis?
5. Does the paper include sufficient documentation to support your position?
6. Is the information discussed in enough detail?
7. Are your information and conclusions accurate?
8. Are your thesis & arguments well-developed in the body of the paper?

A. Introduction
1. Does the introduction grab the reader’s attention?
2. Does the introduction gradually lead into the thesis statement?
3. Is the thesis statement towards the end of the first paragraph?
4. Does the intro clearly state the thesis and does it include a brief summary of the main points?
B. Body
1. Is the information in your background paragraphs appropriate?
2. Are your points/paragraphs logically organized to create a coherent, convincing argument?
3. Does each body paragraph include a topic sentence?
4. Do body paragraphs clearly support the topic sentences?
5. Does the paper include transitions between ideas and supporting details, as well as between paragraphs?
C. Conclusion
1. Does it sum up the paper in a concise manner?

1. Is the wording clear and precise?
2. Does the essay flow? (e.g., transitions between points and paragraphs, varied sentence structure, etc.)
3. Is the tone and style your own?
4. Does the paper contain well-formed sentences and well-formed paragraphs?
5. Is the paper well-edited (i.e. checked for spelling, grammar, punctuation, subject/verb agreement)?
6. Are quotes introduced properly?
7. Are the quotes used effectively? (i.e. to enhance a point, not to speak for itself?)
8. Is there an appropriate use of quotes? (i.e. not over or under-used?)
9. Are all of your sources cited in your endnotes?
10. Are all of your endnotes done correctly?
11. Does your paper include both endnotes and a bibliography?
12. Did you use a range of sources (i.e. not overly dependent on 1-2 sources)?
13. Did you use at least the required number of sources (3)?
14. Is the bibliography done correctly?
15. Did you follow the formatting instructions for your paper in the syllabus?
16. Did you define foreign language terms in English?
17. Does your paper meet or exceed the minimum length requirements?

Book to be used:
Ayesha Jalal, The Sole Spokesman: Jinnah, the Muslim League and the Demand for Pakistan, Cambridge University Press, 1994, ISBN-10: 0521458501.


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